The weakest link in your security is probably your employee communications tools and behaviors.

KATIM® Secure Communication Platform is a purpose-built, ready-to-deploy, secure-by-design suite of software and devices for ultra-secure communication, providing a trusted shield of security and privacy to the most discerning governments and organisations. Our solutions to secure endpoints and infrastructure pave the way to solve intractable communication resilience issues and embed post-quantum-resistant cryptography.

KATIM for End User Communication Security
KATIM for Infrastructure Security
The weakest link in your security is probably your employee communications tools and behaviors.

The industry ends up spending most time and money to the right-side of this process, pushing issues later, at a higher cost, and with more risk of things going wrong for customers. KATIM uses a holistic approach, moving security left in this process, removing issues from customers, reducing costs, with less risk of things going wrong for customers. KATIM delivers compromise free effective security adapted holistically by moving the hurdle to address the complexity, the cost, the know-how. KATIM makes easier for you to have a significantly more secure posture, making security more effective.

The end-to-end process KATIM uses to bake in security from SDLC to PSIRT, and encompassing managed security operations, is driven by the four key philosophies of Secure-by-Design methodology.

  • Trust is in the peer The only way to achieve true end-to-end security is to only trust communication peers, not the infrastructure between the peers.

  • Customized cryptography Standard cryptographic primitives are not trusted wholesale, so custom crypto and hardened industry primitives drive cryptography.

  • Strong identity A strong Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) model is necessary to ensure the identity of individual users when communicating between peers.

  • Strong auditing Auditing implementations must preserve end-to-end encryption, ensuring that auditing can be completed for compliance, but preventing any instances of data leakage.


Because of the complexity and costs, organisations don’t adopt security hygiene consistently and really practically.

KATIM® Secure Communication Platform comes with flexible deployment options, tuned to the requirements of each customer’s project. We open choices to achieve the right security outcome. We productize at scale Security-as-a-Service, sustaining the movement towards sharing of Infrastructure (as a service).

KATIM Customer-hosted Deployment in a customer’s private infrastructure so that all components reside in customer-controlled environment.
KATIM As a Service Deployment in KATIM’s private cloud, on a hardware separated instance or, at customer’s choice, in public cloud hosted on separate hardware.