KATIM® Application Suite

KATIM® Application Suite is designed for organisations that need to keep sensitive data secure, private and trusted at all time, in transit, at rest, and wherever it may be in a communication channel. Designed for stringent use cases where sovereign and uncompromising security are required for collaboration and communication, KATIM® Application Suite provides a necessary additional layer of protection for the most security-sensitive organisations. KATIM® Application Suite consist of applications to secure data messaging, voice communication, and video conferencing, for safeguarding your digital workspace.


KATIM 2.0 is the only purpose-built next generation platform that uses the latest technology stack to create scalable, custom, and security-differentiated solutions for ultra-secure communication and collaboration. KATIM 2.0 features ultra-secure messaging, calling, conferencing, storage and sharing capabilities, with customer's total control of the system and advanced user identity protection. With support for national cryptography that’s only accessible to highly classified government agencies, KATIM 2.0 ensures the security of the nation.

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