The KATIM Story

In Arabic, the word KATIM stands for silence. A fitting word for our range of secure communications suite - the only thing more secure is silence.

Our KATIM™ range includes KATIM™ Phone, KATIM™ OS, KATIM™ Apps - Messenger and Engage and KATIM™ Command Centre.

The KATIM™ Phone is a personal vault for your private communication, developed to defend against the most advanced modern mobile security threats. Through integrating a range of state-of-the-art security features, the KATIM™ Phone provides peace of mind by preventing malware and leaks of sensitive data.

DarkMatter’s KATIM™ phone is a high-pedigree phone built on four pillars: hardened hardware, hardened OS, secure communications application suite and back-end infrastructure.


Purpose built with security central to its design


An Android system hardened to withstand attack


Apps created to deliver ultimate privacy