Secure to the core

Right from the hardware to the software, everything is deeply integrated into one robust and secure whole, giving you the privacy you deserve. KATIM™ is built to preserve your data, your intellectual property, and your reputation from compromise.


Platform Integrity

Secure boot with protected bootloader and validation of device integrity during runtime

Device Access Management

Two-factor user authentication with secure fingerprint verification

Encrypted data & secure storage for keys

Data at rest and in transit encrypted, protecting against eavesdropping, authorised access and off-device decryption

PKI-based key management at all levels

Device boot-up, software capabilities and policies managed by certificate based authorisation trust roots.

Platform Integrity

At each boot, KATIM™ Phone checks the entire software stack via its bootloader to detect modifications. If this validation fails, boot up is aborted. KATIM™ Phone continues to monitor the integrity of its environment. If an attacker finds a way to infect the phone, the integrity monitor detects it, resets and deactivates the phone.

Device Access Management

Increased security through a mechanism that double checks that your identity is legitimate. KATIM™ Phone can be set to wipe all data in case someone tries to authenticate with wrong credentials.

Encrypted data & secure storage for keys

KATIM™ Phone applies strong cryptographic algorithms that are tested and vetted. The crypto keys as well as user credentials are stored in in a secured environment which prevents extracting them from the device, and protects against eavesdropping and manipulation of sensitive information

PKI-based key management at all levels

Keys present on the device validating all aspects of code and policy integrity all the way from early boot up to the launching of individual applications. MDM managed platform certificates and crypto card based PKI identity credentials available for securing communication reliability. All system keys and infrastructure keys can be generated, maintained and controlled by the customer.

Device & user specific trust roots on crypto card

A secure element that is cryptographically bound to the platform and its boot-up.

Device & user specific trust roots on crypto card

Trust roots used for device and user authentication, attestation and device-end decryption of provisioned data. The user can securely lock the device by removing the crypto card as the device and the secure element does not work in separation.

Management. Control. Security.

Integrated security goes a step further with KATIM™ Command Centre, the mobile device management system tailored for KATIM™ phones and integrated into its OS.

Scalable and customisable to your organisation’s specific security needs, KATIM™ Command Centre lets you remotely control and monitor, perform attestations, automate and enforce security policies on all KATIM™ devices.

Remote management

Monitor, provision, configure, audit, de-activate,wipe, lock, white/blacklist applications, apply functionality restrictions or enrollment, generate reports of device base, quick dashboard view of device status.

Local installation

No external service providers or cloud services - all can be installed onsite and without backdoor connections to remote systems.

Service and support

Installation, integration, training, support.

Managed service

As an optional additional service, DarkMatter can operate KATIM™ Command Centre on the customer’s behalf.