Making sure your classified information stays classified.

Engineered with exacting standards, the Katim mobile apps add an extra layer of security to your world. Staying connected and making prompt decisions requires voice, video, data and news capabilities that are not only the most powerful and easy to use, but also deliver rock-solid military-grade security. Powered by leading-edge technology and research, KATIM apps can counter any security breach attempts.

Connected does not mean compromised

A secure communications platform that covers voice, video and chat - along with being reliable and comprehensive, the cutting-edge Katim Messenger app packs it all in.


  • Full, end-to-end encryption and authentication
  • Two layers of cryptography
  • Bespoke 256-bit encryption protocol
  • Message length obfuscation


  • State-of-the-art Speex WB audio codec (44kbps)
  • Higher quality & lower bit-rate than industry standard


  • Intuitive and elegant UX
  • One-to-one, group, cross-platform chat
  • Recall, delete, self-destruct messages
  • Copy and paste single or multiple messages
  • One-to-one and group voice calls
  • User circles and auto populate contacts
  • Switch between voice calls and chats
  • Show or hide online status


Share validated news, real opinions and sensitive information with your inner circle – privately and securely. KATIM Engage provides total security for discussion and quick decision-making by empowering your team to author, publish and discuss multimedia news articles – all tied in while with end-to-end security.


  • Audio version of articles
  • Secure entities for news channels
  • Upload & share photos and videos
  • Secure groups for channel subscription
  • Real-time push notification on content changes
  • Public comments and private chat with author
  • Search, read later, filter articles based on urgency


  • Custom two-layer crypto
  • Strongest forward secrecy
  • True end-to-end encryption
  • Approval workflow for content validation
  • Centrally managed and secure membership to news channels

Media features

  • Still and video gallery in article
  • Background video processing and recoding for mobile optimised distribution